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3D Printing

How to export files for 3D printing using Imalytics Preclinical is explained in this tutorial.

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Bone Implant

In this video, a workflow for the analyis of bone implants is shown.

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Cardiac Imaging

This video describes how to determine the ventricular volume and the left ventricular ejection fraction (LVEF) using the Imalytics Preclinical software.

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Fill Region

In this tutorial, the fill region function is explained. This function can be used, for example, to segment different bone parts.

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Image Fusion

For multimodal image data analysis, Imalytics Preclinical offers a straightforward workflow to fuse two images using manual or marker-based alignment.

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Lung Metastases

In this video, the segmentation and analysis of lung metastases is explained.

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Mouse Body Segmentation

Here, the segmentation of the mouse body using the acid spray function to segment the mouse bed is shown.

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Many segmentation functions are based on the use of scribbles. Scribble drawing but also cutting using scribbles is explained in this tutorial.

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Spectral Unmixing

How to perform spectral unmixing is demonstrated in this video.

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A comprehensive explanation of the functions of the toolbar is provided in this tutorial.

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Trabecular Bone

Imalytics Preclinical can be used to analyse trabecualr bone structures.

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