Security info

Imalytics (locally installed)

The Imalytics Preclinical software is compiled by Gremse-IT and packaged into an installer. The installer is provided by secure download link and needs to be installed by a user with admin rights. After installation, it checks for a license file, and if that cannot be found, a hardware hash is shown to the user which is meant to be sent to Gremse-IT to get a license file for that PC. The hardware hash is a cryptographic one-way-function depending on unique hardware features. After installation and licensing, our software can be used to open and process image files which are stored on local or network drives. Our software does not connect to other computers or servers in the internet. Updates need to be installed by installing a new version.

Imalytics Cloud

The Imalytics Cloud solution is based on Microsoft's Azure Virtual Desktop (AVD). AVD is a service that allows users easy and secure access to remote applications and even full desktop experiences in the cloud. When invited to the Imalytics Cloud, new users will receive an email with their personal account name and a one time password, which they will change on their first login. Using this account the user can use one of several possible clients (i.e. for Windows, Mac, Linux or web browser) to connect to a virtual machine, where the user has their own private user profile and desktop. For further information on security and connectivity details for AVD please refer to the Microsoft documentation. For the Microsoft Azure compliance offerings please refer to this document: Microsoft Azure Compliance Offerings