High-intensity focused ultrasound (HIFU) is a non-invasive therapeutic procedure for treating benign and malignant tumors with ultrasound waves. The ultrasound waves are focused in such a way that a high energy output occurs in a defined tissue area. This heats the tissue to 65-85 °C, which leads to localized coagulation necrosis. Today, HIFU is usually performed in combination with magnetic resonance guidance (MR) to allow for position control as well as continuous thermometry of the treated tissue area.

To further develop this promising MR-HIFU technology, Gremse-IT GmbH is part of the "Collaborative project: Magnetic resonance-guided high-intensity focused ultrasound for non-invasive pain therapy in bone diseases (Pain in focus) - Subproject: Patient-adapted automated MR-HIFU therapy planning" (BMBF 13GW0337C).

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