Our software and developed kinetic models has been widely used to determine the organ biodistribution, tumor accumualtion, retention, and elimination sites of newly developed drug delivery systems such as antibodies, nanocarriers, polymers, nanoparticles, or micelles.
In the images above, whole body organ segmentation to determine the biodistributions of probes are shown. Exemplarily, the biodistribution of the fluorescent probes Indocyanine green (ICG), nanogels (NG), OsteoSense 750EX(OS), and  microbubbles (MB) are depicted along the experimental setup. Additional, one example for kinetic modeling is shown. Further data and information can be found in the publication: W. Al Rawashdeh et al.,Noninvasive Assessment of Elimination and Retention using CT-FMT and Kinetic Whole-body Modeling” Theranostics, 2017